Each of us, as we travel through life, meets challenges. During these times it's common to feel "stuck" and have difficulty discovering our own path. Counseling is a unique opportunity to engage in the journey of discovery in a supportive, caring, and non-judgmental environment. It is also an opportunity to be challenged to discover new insights.

I believe that individually, and in partnership, we are driven by a desire to discover our best self, to be happy, to belong, to feel worthwhile, and to find meaning in our lives. I also believe that we have within us the capacity and resiliency to do so.

As your therapist, I will work collaboratively with you to discover your individual strengths. I see my role as one of assisting you in the exploration of your personal path to well-being. I use a variety of therapeutic concepts and tools to address your concerns, depending on your situation and how you work best. My therapeutic style is best described as eclectic, which means that I draw from a variety of theoretical perspectives. Often I’ll match the theoretical structure of therapy with the individual needs of a client and I’ll usually give the client choices about which approach they feel might be the most productive. That being said, I rely most heavily on client-centered (also called Rogerian and humanistic), cognitive behavioral, family systems and psychodynamic orientations.