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Green Hills with Blue Sky

About Me

My name is Jami Guinn-Osborne and I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor in Sitka, Alaska. I take pride in my unique combination of professional training, personal skills, and life experience.

Before I became a therapist, I worked for seven years as a journalist in Ketchikan, Alaska, which led me to my present life course personally and professionally. Personally, because Ketchikan is where I met my husband Doug, and professionally because it is where I discovered my passion for listening to people’s stories. I enjoyed working with a variety of people in all stages and circumstances of life. That passion ultimately led to a new career in the field of mental health in 2001. Since moving to Sitka, in 2003, I’ve worked mostly in a private practice setting.

I think real-life experience deeply infuses any therapist's work. I've personally known the pressures of financial stress, divorce, moves, being away from family, office politics, career change, and many of the other stressors that can make modern life feel hard. I'm a wife and mother - I know both the joys and challenges of marriage and parenting. I have created a good life here in Sitka with family, friends, music and being a part of this wonderful community. I'm pleased to bring all of that into my work with you.

Therapy is a relationship built on trust. One of the most important aspects of therapy is the environment of safety; I aim to maintain this, above all. Therapy with me never involves judgment. Clients can trust that I will be honest, and maintain boundaries and confidentiality.

I also see therapy as a journey of self discovery. We’re usually happier when we’re living according to who we really are. Yet many realize sooner or later that they have never really known themselves, they’ve been busy living life. I aim to help clients remove obstacles, so that their lives reflect their heartfelt goals and potential. I use my training and life experience to help clients review and evaluate their life situation, while supporting them through the process of change.

Personally, I found my bliss later in life regarding work and family, and feel peaceful with where I am today. I love my job. I love feeling energized at the end of the day as opposed to drained and stressed. I enjoy helping people find their own answers within. I enjoy listening to their stories, and I feel honored to be a part of that journey wherever it leads.

Education, Training, and Affiliations:

Licensed Professional Counselor (AK #604)

M.S.  Counseling Psychology at Alaska Pacific University

B.S.   Journalism at University of Alaska Fairbanks

Member of the Alaska Counseling Association

Member of American Counseling Association